My friend Rosie works at a great little coffee shop and bakery called Grounds. Recently she experienced one of those “Wow, I would never have guessed!” moments.

It really shows how you never know what kind of impression you’ll make and the impact you can have on a person, just be being a little kind, a little helpful.


Something amazing happened at work today. A man and a woman walked in, he smiled really big as they walked to my register and he said, “You’re still here!”

I was surprised because this wasn’t a regular customer. In fact, I didn’t even recognize them. Not to mention he had a French accent.

He went on to explain that he had come in last year while he was on vacation. I had been very nice to him and helped him choose some places to visit that weren’t the normal attractions. 

His wife said he had been talking about the girl at the bakery for weeks and this was literally the first stop they made after checking into their hotel. 

Then he asked how my brother was and proceeded to tell her about how my brother was flying home from France on 9/11 and became stuck in Paris for a week. 

I remembered who he was then. When I told him the story, he had asked if they were nice to him. I had told him that my brother hadn’t cared for France much. But during the week he was stuck there, they were extremely kind to him and made sure he was well taken care of.

I just couldn’t stop smiling and was so shocked over the whole experience. He really touched me that he remembered all that. I’m still in shock just thinking about it. ~ Rosie Hendrix

Rosie just did what she does, she was friendly and helpful and thought nothing more of it. But for an entire year, the impression she had made stayed with him. It stayed with him enough that he not only wanted to come back, but wanted to share it with someone very special to him, his wife.

Wouldn’t we all love to have a day like this at work? I guess the point is we probably can, if we take a lesson from Rosie and just be kind and helpful everyday in every way we can, especially the little ones.

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