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The medical establishment had rejected his incubators, but Couney didn’t give up on his aims. Each summer for 40 years, he funded his work by displaying the babies and charging admission — 25 cents to see the show.

via Babies On Display: When A Hospital Couldn’t Save Them, A Sideshow Did : NPR.

Before incubators were accepted as viable technology countless babies died simply because they weren’t quite ready to survive. Thankfully, one man never gave up. He kept saving the unstable until the medical community chose to catch up. Now, incubators are basically taken for granted in most parts of the world.

Aren’t the twists and turns of this world interesting? I for one am very thankful for Dr. Couney’s persistence. Only a few short years after his death my parents would be thankful there was an incubator available to keep me alive too. Until today, I took this miraculous technology completely for granted.

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