And of course we already know that Megan Rose Taylor is a shining example of all that endeavours to be good and helpful. Check in with Debbie Hyde to see what other kind things Megan has been up to and the difference she is making in lots of lives. I think Megan is an old soul here to keep making the world a more wonderful and kind place.

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A Positive Disruptor who Loves Animals

Magan ScoutMegan Rose Taylor is not the average 19 year-old. She suffers from a rare condition where she can faint up to 60 times a day.  Her love of animals, wildlife and nature is so deeply engrained in her soul, she has dedicated most of her young years to campaign, raise awareness and work with animals.  She is driven by kindness for others and is the LifeVest InsideKindness Ambassador for the UK, a not-for-profit organisation which was set-up by Orly Wahba, an educator, entrepreneur and community activist to promote kindness, love and compassion in the World.

Megan is also an accomplished wordsmith and has written several poems and short stories.  One of these poems was inspired by the annual carnage of dolphins in Taiji in Japan after watching the film ‘The Cove’.  Megan decided to write a poem and use it as the backing…

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