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Zach Haynes, A Small Dude With A Big Love of Nature

Zach onwayto tanfieldWe live hundreds of miles away from each other but thanks to the power of Twitter, this young lad’s daily blogs of his adventures in nature brings us into his world each day.

Each evening as he shares his blog of his daytime adventures in Yorkshire and beyond,  is a timely reminder about the wonders of nature and all it gives us, seen through the enquiring and joyful mind of nine year old Zach, who, through his insightful blogs educates, entertains and informs.

Here’s how Zach describes his blogs: “I live in a great place, North Yorkshire with awesome countryside. I love learning in and out of school. This is my report of our family’s nature outings (helped when needed by Mum and Dad).”

Zach Moors IMG_6856(Some lovely Northern National Parks – Day 270 Friday 31st July 2015)

If anyone…

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