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I firmly believe kindness makes the biggest difference in people’s lives. As a child I was terrified to go to school and didn’t hit my stride until well into high school. That was a lot of years of dread, nausea, anxiety and not having fun. What made the days bearable were the few kind people I met, whether they be students, teachers or parents.

As I’ve grown up over the years I’ve come to realize that kindness is the most basic thing we can offer, and it usually has the biggest reward for both the giver and receiver. It’s not about big actions, or offering sums of money.  It’s the everyday simple things. It’s as simple as a smile, a hello or maybe a high five.

At one school, Mr. T was simply kind to a student who wasn’t even in his class.  The ripple a daily smile and high five made was amazing. Thanks for the life lesson Mr. T.  You’re our kind of teacher.  Yet another Rise Like Air moment to be grateful for.

Read more about the story below by clicking on the link. Short and oh so sweet for a Monday morning pick me up.


The best acts of kindness are when someone doesn’t even know they’re doing something that affects someone’s life. They’re just doing it because. My son had no previous interactions with this teacher, but for whatever reason, he was comfortable with him when he almost always has a hard time interacting with people he doesn’t know well.

Always take the time to smile or give a high-five. You very well could be the one to help put a little swag in someone else’s step. Thank you Mr. T for unknowingly giving my son something to look forward to each day.

Source: Boy With Autism Had Trouble In School Until This Happened


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