“There is someone at the other end of this post rooting for you.”


So yeah, I’m one of those people on your facebook.


You know the ones I’m talking about, the ones who post too much, who share too much, who talk too much about the same things over and over again till you want to just ram their heads into a wall and yell “I GET IT!”

I’m guessing many on my friends list have unfollowed me. It’s okay.

I have a theory about social media so hear me out, cause really, you’re on my blog so what else could you do?

When our homepages flood each day, each hour, each minute with information posted by hundreds and thousands of our friends and acquaintances, their presence online becomes nothing but a post we scroll by among a ton of others. So what becomes of that little box at the top left corner of the post, that (mostly) smiling face with eyes darting…

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