September 25th, 2015 is World Dream Day.  The organizers make it clear why we need a day to celebrate dreaming.

Every year, many countries around the world honor the ability to labor with labor holidays. On Friday, September 25th, the weekend before Labor Day in America, individuals, businesses communities and organizations from all over the world will celebrate the ability to turn thoughts into action by honoring a simple truth: before one labors, one must dream.

Source: Dream Day 2015 – About

A friend and fellow blogger Ernestine Van Der Greindt from Happy Minds alerted me to this wonderful day earlier this week. She asked us if we’d be willing to share our dreams with her since she was writing a blog about it and it got me thinking about dreaming and goals and success.  Click HERE to read her inspirational words.

If you ask people who have a successful business how it all started, you’ll often hear that they had a dream. ~ Ernestine

Think about it, before one labours, one must dream.   How true.  But so often, we hear, “get your feet back on the ground”, “get your head out of the clouds,” “well that’s just a pipe dream,” “oh, he’s just a dreamer.”  It’s like dreaming is considered at best unimportant and at worst a bad thing.

But when you think about it, dreaming is so important to life, to achieving goals, to making it through tough patches.  It opens up doors, opportunities and possibilities that you didn’t even notice were there before.

No, I’m quite certain that dreaming is actually a very, very, very good thing. So the next time someone tells you that, “you’re just a dreamer,” smile and say thank you.  It might just be one of the nicest compliments you receive.



So what’s your dream?  I’m sure you have one, even if right now it’s just a tiny one.  Make it grow, share your dream today using the hashtag #WorldDreamDay.  It might just be the start of making that little dream of yours come true. Risk it. I dare you.


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