I was listening to fellow Kindness Ambassadors Jeff Kuske and Erin Buchalter,  being interviewed on the Lillian McDermott Show the other day.  They were discussing kindness and Life Vest Inside, specifically the Kindness Boomerang video that has had over 80 million views world wide so far. That’s really the video that started it all.  Before that Orly had a dream and was taking steps to make that dream come true, but the release of The Kindness Boomerang served as the catalyst to make others really begin to take notice.  I was one of those “others”.

Like Jeff, Erin and Lillian, I watched the video when I first saw it, and then I watched it again. And then again. And of course, I shared it.

Since The Kindness Boomerang hit the internet, numerous big companies have run campaigns and put out poignant videos to celebrate and support their customers and sometimes even random people on the street.

WestJet gave Christmas a special touch for flyers:

Dove tackles the problem of poor self image

TDBank gives back to their customers

I love people helping people no matter who they are but I could never quite put my finger on why the big corporate deeds never gave me quite the same feeling that Life Vest Inside has. Listening to the interview today, it finally made sense to me.

When Orly Wahba left her job teaching in a school to found Life Vest Inside and began teaching the entire world about kindness she didn’t do it for any personal gain. She did it because she was profoundly moved to make a difference. What she offers to others isn’t about the “outside”, it’s about the “inside”. What she takes away isn’t “outside” glory and riches, it’s all about what she gets “inside”.

Orly had and still has a pure vision and a pure desire to show kindness, to give kindness, to be kindness and yes, to change the “inside” of each of us who makes this world. It wasn’t about what she could get out of it, it was about how she could help others. It wasn’t about getting more it was about giving more.

And that’s the difference to me.  The big corporations are trying to do good too, but they’ve already got the resources and they know that most of what they are doing, while helping others, also builds their business, their product and their client base. It feels a lot more like looking at the “outside”.

The company initiatives can provide really valuable and necessary help. I’m not against a “win win” situation. But I realize now that is what was different for me when I was introduced to Life Vest Inside. I never once felt anything was expected of me other than to be me, there were no hidden agendas, fees or surprises. There was a life vest of kindness, the belief that kindness can change the world and an open invitation to join the ride. The best part is those things are there every day 24/7, no matter the time zone.


Orly says of her childhood dream,

 I dreamt of creating a world the runs on the basis of kindness, love and respect; a world in which people will finally have the chance to see and catch a glimpse of their beauty, of their uniqueness; a world in which our differences were reasons to celebrate instead of war against one another. I must say that what I’ve had the chance to see through our Kindness Ambassadors and through LVI is a world just like that!

September 25th 2015 was World Dream Day. Orly Wahba and Life Vest Inside show just how big a little dream can get.

Watch the video that started it all, The Kindness Boomerang.

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