Depression sucks…

Depression Sucks…

Depression SUCKS!!!!!

It sucks away relationships

It sucks away perspective

It sucks away happiness

It sucks away hope

It sucks away trust

It sucks away energy

It sucks away self esteem

It sucks the life out of you

It sucks the life out of me….

















It leaves you drained, a shrivelled empty shell of your former self. Enough souls have been consumed.

The holidays are the worst for many people.  We’re supposed to be happy, thankful, joyful possessing hearts bursting with goodwill and love. Well, many of us have hearts that are bursting anyway. Along with minds and bodies that feel like they are about to vibrate apart at the molecular level. Valiantly holding it all together behind a mask with a painted smile.

Depression blinds us to reality, colours our perception, skews our perspective.  It sits on our shoulder and whispers we are unworthy, less than, without value, alone, vulnerable and insignificant. Depression lies, but like the most sinister mind control invention in a great scifi thriller, the victim believes the purported falsehood completely and without question.

There is nothing more heart breaking than to see someone giving up, losing hope, convinced of the doom and gloom depression has painted before them, enveloped by sadness and despair. Surrounded by toxicity masquerading as normality, they believe in their powerlessness, ingrained over time, through countless assaults they believe were justly deserved. Knowing their perception is so totally skewed, that they are like priceless unique one of a kind treasures, worthy, cherished, valued, yet they not only can’t see it, but won’t see it so completely bewitched they are by that silent wraith, Depression.

Broken. So many people who believe they are broken beyond repair. Broken so profoundly that they should hide away in the shadows. Not realizing that everyone is broken. Hiding behind facades, masks with painted smiles, hollow hellos and I’m fine thank you’s. Blinded to the fact that each of us in all our imperfections is perfectly perfect, a work of art in progress, never truly finished until the very end. Always filled with potential and possibilities.

Protection from the misperceptions that depression wields is derived by surrounding ourselves with everyone and everything possible that reminds us of the unclouded truth when depression sneaks up behind us again, taps us on the shoulder and says, “Hello, my old friend.”  Choose the people who can weave a net beneath you, give you a life vest and keep you afloat when you don’t have the will and clarity to do so yourself.


Sometimes it’s not about one day at a time. It’s about one second at a time, one hundredth of a second, one thousandth of a second.  You hold on.  You make one promise, that for the next one thousandth of a second you will hold on, keep trying and maybe during one of those one thousandths of a second, just maybe even start believing in positive possibilities.




CHOICE. Every one of us has a choice, even when we’re sure we don’t. The choice to give up or to keep going.  The choice to believe or to disbelieve. The choice to see beautiful or not. The choice to hold on or to let go.

I’ve discovered it’s true that for every bad day I’ve ever had, and some were doozies, I’ve survived every one of them. Every single one. At some point the light at the end of the tunnel appeared. All I had to do was hold on. One thousandth of a second at a time. And yes I know the light will probably disappear again, but like the eternal sunrise I know it will eventually appear again. Even if it begins as only the faintest flicker. It will return.

And while there have been times where I’ve felt bleak two things have always held me firmly here. I could never take the chance that a choice I make in despair might empower someone else to follow my choice. I know I would never give anyone else the advice to give up, to let go, so how can I allow myself to?

The second thing that has always held me here is the very fact that just maybe, just maybe great things are somewhere in the future, or present, that I might just miss something wondrous, magical, something I wouldn’t want to miss. There’s already been so much I would never have wanted to miss, even when it’s bitter sweet.

Keeping the faith, wrapped in a life vest, turning mistakes into stepping stones, holding on and seeing beautiful. That’s all any of us have to do, choose HOPE even if it comes one thousandth of a second at a time.



It’s time to remove the stigma of mental illness, including depression. It is insidious and hiding from it will never make it go away. If you or someone you know suffers from depression we urge you to seek help and support.

We have found the following resources helpful and hope you do as well.

Life Vest Inside Our mission is to empower and unite the world in kindness.

Project Hope Exchange Give Hope Get Hope, all in 30 seconds

See Beautiful  We empower people to see beautiful in themselves and others and we give and give to causes creating more beautiful in the world.


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