A little lesson everyone needs to know.


960593edf9e68314caa0f5231643fe25“You are beautiful,” he said to me. “If anyone tells you otherwise, tell them that I said you were beautiful.”

It’s funny isn’t it, how some people guise themselves to be complimenting us, when in actuality they simply try to validate us?

That’s all fine and dandy, except when you try to validate someone who needs no validation.

I have loved myself before you even knew what my name was.

I have fallen and broken and fixed myself up, I have crawled and climbed and risen before you even spoke to me for the first time.

I had committed to myself long before you even pretended for five minutes that you wanted to commit to me.

I think I am beautiful, and no matter how many of you I meet, I won’t feel anything less.

I can’t.

I said I loved you and I did, but I could never love…

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