Came across this blog today and thought it was worth posting again. Can’t believe it’s already over 2 years since I originally posted it. Time really does fly by. How you look at it is totally up to you.

“Life is lived through perspective. What one believes are ups and downs, the other sees as growth.”

Rise Like Air

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After yesterday’s blog I got to thinking some more.  This time about what does attract my attention?  More importantly, why am I attracted or drawn to certain causes or people?  These questions have crossed my mind quite frequently of late.  I felt the answers would be important, although how I couldn’t tell.

What I finally deduced after a fair bit of contemplation was that it more often than not was certainly the approach and personality of the person involved.  The situation in yesterday’s blog about sensationalism showed me that sensational tactics will definitely turn my head and might even get a reaction, but I don’t think it has any real sort of positive long term impact.

I began exploring things in my own life and came to realize that I am definitely most likely to be inspired to action and commitment by people who are very positive.  People…

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