Loved this wonderfully quirky piece from one of my favourite bloggers and story tellers.



As she pulled in her travel bags and shut the door behind her, she took a look around her room and burst into silent mulled sobs. It hurt, all of it. Though the pain may not have been as acute as it once was, but it still had a way of punching her right in the gut where it hurt the most.

She sat kneeled on the floor for a good few minutes and then squatted, her sobs gently dying down.

What was it about this room? What was it about this whole country that drew her closer to him? She had lived here so long without even knowing him, but the four years that she did, changed her forever. First love, they call it.

They had finally ended their heart wrenching relation earlier during the year and now she was having her second thoughts about it. This was HIM…

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