Loved this piece. Definitely The Light

Evolving Perceptions

Up! From my knees i rise,


A sight so bright, the most burden heart could experience peace.

Penetrating the darkness

With it soft and tranquil beams,

Garnished with rays of hope

And new dreams.


My restless soul has found peace.

For the dark road, the treacherous one

Has reached its revelation

My troubled days are no more,

I have been reborn anew

As new as a spring upon a mountain.

Once again, i stand tall


A collection of my own experience

Looking at the mirror,

I see a total stranger


A new me, mirroring back

To the man i thought i was


I fell in love with my pain,

Not the feeling of it

But the way it built me

A stronger me, it has molded

An improved version,‚Äč

A better me!

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