Life is filled with things that seem to make no sense yet somehow the dance is beautiful anyway and in the end, maybe there is simply one truth. A fantastic read by such an eloquent writer.


Everything and Life


I think that most of my life has been a war, a really strange war.
A war between wanting to love beyond reason (and realizing that I actually can’t love people who don’t give me some form of love in return) and wanting to give up on people who don’t treat me right (but in turn realizing that I can’t ever stop loving people I once loved).
This, to me, makes no sense!
I mean, it looks like I actually somehow do both these contradictory things. If only I could mix and match my internal responses to them, maybe I could lead a slightly less confused life.
So if you’ve been reading me for a while now and seem confused, don’t worry. We are completely 100% on the same page.
I once told a boy that I would love him forever, but then years later he told me in response…

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