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Originally posted October 28th 2016


Some days are just like that. You seem doomed from the start. My mother had a day like that a little while ago and she was kind enough to call and share it with me.

It started out simply enough. A trip across the street to the mall for a few groceries.No big deal, except when you’re getting close to 90 years old, things take a little longer than they used to. They take a little more effort than they used to. But independent and undaunted as always my parents went on their shopping excursion.

Upon returning home and unpacking the groceries, she realized she had forgotten to purchase whipping cream for the pie that was waiting for dessert. Of course you can’t serve pumpkin pie without whipped cream. So, taking it all in stride as you tend to do when you’re in your 80’s my mother grabbed a five dollar bill, her keys and off they went again. Back to the mall, to the far end where the grocery store is, picked up the cream and got in line. When the cashier rang the purchase through it came to a grand total of….. drum roll please….. $5.20. Yes. She was short $.20. Two dimes.  Four nickels.  Forget the pennies because we don’t have them anymore.

So, as she tells the story, there she stands, mouth hanging open thinking.  Here we go again! When, a kind gentleman who had heard the exchange reached over and handed her a dollar coin wrapped up with a kind smile.

Now my mom has heard me tell many stories of paying it forward because it’s a favourite thing for me to do. And I tend to hang around with people who like to do it too. So here’s my mother, experiencing a stranger’s gesture of kindness.

I loved hearing my mom’s excitement as she described her relief at not having to go home and return for a third time. She was so appreciative that when she got the change she found the gentleman and gave it to him, much to his surprise. She even confided that she is quite looking forward to being able to return the favour in kind to someone else in need. Watch out! Mom is on kindness patrol!

My mom has always been a kind person, but I do believe she’s been bitten by the pay it forward bug. The only kind of bug I like getting bitten by. All part of living a the kindness lifestyle.

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My mom was just telling this story again last week with a big smile on her face. You really never know just how big an impact a seemingly small action can have on another person.  Sometimes, all it takes is 20 cents. Never doubt your importance and value in the world.

Because in the end, it really is all good. It’s just in how you choose to look at it.

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Sometimes there just are no right words.

The beginning of a journey from worst days to better days.


Mom, my friend died. This definitely was not what I expected my youngest daughter to say upon answering her phone. I called her on my way home to find out if she would like a hot chocolate for her study break, so, it took me a moment to wrap my brain around what she had […]

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So I’m in the bathroom…

Ok, it’s not what you might think, we are renovating the bathroom and I’m debating about the paint colour for the cupboards.  The walls are now white. It’s wonderful  – clean, fresh and close to complete. Except for a few finishing touches and…

the old ratty brown fake wood cupboards. We’re going for a seaside colour scheme so we’re considering a greyish blue for the cupboards…

I think.

Or maybe a more tropical green blue or… maybe sea foam green. No… but maybe a…

anyway, the washer and dryer happen to live in the bathroom too and the front dryer panel is blue. But not the colour blue I envision. And it was really bugging me.

So I’m figuring out should I ignore it or try to pick a colour that takes it into consideration… and somewhere there’s a voice saying. “It’s just blue, stop overthinking”.  Maybe the voice was in my head. Maybe it was my husband. Either way I already knew I was getting farther from a decision instead of closer. Why did that dang panel have to be that horrid shade of blue!

We got the appliances second hand. And I’m wondering why a company would use THAT shade of blue. And then…

I looked a little closer….


The blue plastic protective film had never been removed. The white front panel gleams just like the freshly painted walls.

As experience often reminds me, it really is all good, it’s just about how you choose to look at things.

Now… about that perfect shade of blue…  Let me think….


borrowed from the internet

On October 23rd I opened my new copy of The Kindness Boomerang. It felt so good to have a copy of my own again. You see I tend to gift a lot of them, and I was without one for myself for weeks.

The Kindness Boomerang is a book by Life Vest Inside founder Orly Wahba who inspires us to change the world with kindness. It’s all about everyday people doing everyday things a little more consciously.

I’ve learned through these daily kindness exercises it’s true, the little things really are the big things.

So I opened the book and the act for that day was

Eat and shop locally today.


Excerpt from The Kindness Boomerang by Orly Wahba

It just so happened that I was about to buy some sticky sweet honey from our local apiarist, commonly known as a beekeeper, who is just down the road at Zee-Bee Honey. I had to smile as I made the arrangements with the owner (and my friend) Michelle.

Saskatchewan produced honey courtesy of the bees from Zee-Bee Honey

The Steve Maraboli quote accompanying the act fit perfectly,

Every single time you help somebody stand up you are helping humanity rise.

It was another one of those “rise like air” feeling occasions. Everyday people doing everyday things a little more consciously everyday. I like it when things come together with that peaceful sweet serendipity.  Just another reminder that really, “it’s all good”. It’s all in how you look at it.

©2017 Jewel Fries/Rise Like Air

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With brave wings she soars

Take flight 

Be you 

Be beautiful 

Be a hummingbird 

Live with grace and hope and grit

 Monday wisdom

Norman Cousins got it right when he said

Death is not the greatest loss. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live. 

How many people are walking shells. They’ve already died. As a friend once said. 

“I feel like I’ve died. I’m just waiting for my body to catch up.” 

Watch what you wish for my friends. 

Watch what prize you keep your eye on. You might just win it. 

Everyday we choose whether we live a little more or die a little more. We are a complex mess of cells and energy and somehow we get to choose what we do with it. 

Don’t get me wrong. I get it. I wake up every morning with that same choice in front of me. Do I die a little more today? Or… do I choose to live a little more today. 

It doesn’t matter what our health is. What anything is. The choice everyday is the same. 

I’ve had plenty of days where I’ve chosen to die a little more. I’m grateful I’ve chosen to live a little more, more often. 

Wanna know a secret?

I can’t remember ever regretting choosing the live more option. It’s not always been an easy path but it’s always been worth it. Sometimes you get cuts,bumps and bruises while you’re living. And that’s ok.  Just don’t pick the scabs while you’re healing.

So today and everyday I hope we all choose living a little more than dying a little more. 

But I won’t stand in your way. As tempting as that might be. Because in the end, it’s your choice and yours alone. 

Sending light and love to all.

So many of us are in desperate need of healing. The entire world is in need. Whether it’s physical, mental, spiritual or all of the above we have moments or maybe lifetimes where we need healing. Too many of us see that as a weakness and try to hide. Let’s stop hiding. Let’s stop feeling less than. Let’s stop judging. Instead let’s start helping, hoping and healing. I hope you enjoy this heartfelt edition of The Kindness Flash
Life Vest Inside is committed to help heal the world through kindness it starts with you and me. Let’s start now.  Let’s Rise Like Air. 

Happy healing. 

Lately I’ve been working diligently at finding balance. Again. 

It’s a dance. It’s a work in progress. Just like me. 

I am not who I was. I am not who I will be. I am all of that and more. I am; right now. Right here. 

And I believe. 

I hope

You do too
Today believe with me

Believe life will change in good ways

Believe you will feel lighter

Believe you matter 

Believe you will feel better

Believe there is kindness

Believe in the power of a smile 

Believe in the power of words 

Believe in your own power 

Believe you make a difference


What mask did you choose to wear today? 
Are you the “real you” with everyone all the time? Sometimes? Most of the time?
Be you today. Be-you-tiful you!


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