Rise Like Air

We conspire to inspire through the celebration of hope as we rise above challenges, no matter what they are. "But still, like air, I'll rise." Maya Angelou

Music And Bands

Some of our favourite Music and Bands

These are some bands and music that show us not everything has to be about broken hearts, bad habits and poor lifestyle choices.  There’s plenty of great music out there that is uplifting, empowering and just plain old fun to listen to.  If you want to brighten your smile and get your toes tapping, maybe even dancing… follow the links.  Note:  Rise Like Air takes no responsibility for site content once you leave Rise Like Air.

Alex Louise and her song “Bad Day”

The Big Bads and their song “Tomorrow”

Suli Breaks and his spoke word “Why I Hate School But Love Education”

Unsung Lilly and their song “Just Be”

Here’s our blog of our top 13 anthems, at least on that given day.


Your thoughts?

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