Some of our many favourite people and places

We enjoy being part of a global community which is committed to continually empower and inspire others through creativity and kindness in so many different ways.  Note:  Rise Like Air takes no responsibility for site content once you leave Rise Like Air.

Brooklands Radio

Debbie Hyde It’s All Good Radio Show

Debbie Hyde’s It’s All Good Radio Show on Brooklands Radio in Surrey England “enjoys discovering innovative new products and companies run by people who care about others and our planet for her programme It’s All Good. In it she focuses on people who are quietly brilliant and shines a spotlight on those who have yet to achieve recognition. Musically, she describes her taste as ‘anything uplifting and meaningful’, ranging from rock and film themes to world music and classical.”  Debbie is quietly brilliant in her own right without a doubt.  She also has a great blog that I recommend.


Life Vest Inside is a non-profit dedicated to empowering the masses to engage in acts of love and kindness.  Their mission is to EMPOWER and UNITE the world with KINDNESS. Life Vest Inside inspires people to recognize the potential they have to affect real and positive change in this world through kindness.

sb blog pic

See Beautiful™ exists to empower girls and women to see the beauty they inherently possess and empower ALL people to see and create more beauty in the world. Pop culture would like us to think beauty exists in, or is defined by, reality t.v. shows, airbrushed models on magazine covers, or manikins in storefront windows. In an effort to capture some of the beauty that exists in each of us and all over the world, See Beautiful™ has started a movement.

See Beautiful was one of the things that inspired the creation of Rise Like Air.