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Winter  – it’s coming. It’s almost here. Long nights, short days, cold, snow, ice. Did I mention cold? Like really cold? But where I live at least it’s a dry cold, which, as everyone knows, is so much better than a wet cold. In my opinion winter is just plain old fashioned cold for the most part. I’m not a big fan of winter.

Bears hibernate. Bats hibernate. Dwarf lemurs in Madagascar hibernate. Even pygmy slow loris in Vietnam hibernate. These mammals have evolved to take the smart, loving, self care approach to winter. Hunker down and avoid it at all costs. Sleep it away – relax, rebuild, rejuvenate.

Humans, on the other hand, humans do not hibernate. I checked. Google is my friend. We are apparently considered highly intelligent. Given all the things that have been going on all over the world for the last while I’m beginning to wonder. This little bit about not hibernating, well that’s sort of clinching it for me.

I mean think about it. Hibernating humans would give the world a break from our constant onslaught of abuse on mother nature and each other. That just might be a good thing don’t you think? How many of us feel overwhelmed, overworked and definitely overtired? Sleeping soundly for a few months all cozy sounds pretty refreshing to me. I’m not seeing the downside here.

Let’s see, eating large and healthy (ish) in preparation, sounds rather mouth watering. Getting into my favourite fuzzy pjs, with an elastic waist, even better. Waking up with no evidence of the feast, an added bonus!

Yep definitely beginning to wonder about the evolution of humans. In the meantime there’s always a good book, glass of wine and a roaring fire to keep the feel of winter at bay. After all, I’ve heard that imagination unlocks the universe. Maybe hibernating isn’t the solution after all.

Because really, it’s all good. It’s just how you choose to look at things.


©2017 J Fries/Rise Like Air




Lara Heller is a multi talented screen actress for films including The Cut, Ben Hur and The Odyssey. All these films are natured based-shooting in beautiful majestic locations like the hills of the Badlands in Canada, Snowdonia in the mountains and the jungles of Thailand. Nature is a sanctuary for this family throughout all aspects of their life.

And here’s the really exciting part… (sssshhhhhh….) In May I was honoured to be able to tell Lara’s story of her father’s perseverance and kindness towards their community in Life Vest Inside’s The Kindness Flash.  I discovered what started out as a simple act of planting a few flowers turned into a statement of kindness that would last season after season.


I hope you enjoy Lara’s Everyday Kindness Story, Sowing The Seeds Of Happiness

Lara remembers how how her father always loved nature. Lara and her siblings grew up in the tiny mountain village in Germany that had a grand total of 100 people. Upon moving to Brighton her father missed the wild flowers he’d enjoyed so much in his homeland. He was sad that little children passed on the street every day and the trees were bare. He decided to take it upon himself to make a change and proceeded to plant daffodils under one tree.

The children all looked at the pretty little bed of bright yellow. The tree stood out. Elderly people smiled walking past. Children stopped and showed their parents. It was amazing and beautiful how a single tree decorated with flowers could attract so much attention!

Sadly, one morning the Town Council put out wood shavings on all the trees including the one with daffodils crushing all the little flowers. Devastated, the family ran out and asked why. The reply was also devastating,  ‘Council orders-it looks different to the others. They need to be the same.’

Lara’s father chose not to become angry. Instead he proceeded to plant daffodils under all the trees! The next spring the whole street looked the same, each tree an explosion of yellow flowers. Children laughed again and neighbours sent Lara’s family letters as a thank you.

Lara reminds us beautifully that,

quote-openDaffodils like kind deeds multiple. Every year there are more little yellow trumpets waving in the wind. And our neighbours have planted more flowers under their trees. Kindness isn’t always encouraged but that doesn’t mean we give up. As my father taught me-plant enough seeds and suddenly they’ll all blossom.quote-close

reprinted from The Kindness Flash #14 May edition ©2017 Life Vest Inside

Where there is a will, there is likely a way. If there is not a way there is a lesson.

What a beautiful reward, the ongoing multiplication of kindness and blossoms. Bloom and grow. Remember you can check out Lara’s work here.


©2017 JFries/Rise Like Air

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