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I am honoured to be a blogger as part of the Life Vest Inside organization founded by Orly Wahba. In short, we’re all about changing the world through living the kindness life style. This month I was fortunate enough to get a little more hands on experience putting together the monthly newsletter, The Kindness Flash with Orly and my fellow blog guru Soumya.

Unforeseen circumstances had each of us stepping a little further outside our comfort zone than usual, but minutes into our brainstorming session our confidence in our ability to pull it all together grew. During those first moments of our discussion it seemed obvious our theme for December 2016 would be Humility.

I’ve always liked the way CS Lewis defined humility as “not thinking less of oneself, but of thinking of oneself less.”

We found people had their own wonderful ways of describing the quality of humility, like Rodrigo Barbosa.

For me, humility is understanding that other people are just as much “people” as you are. That the fact that you are better than them at something only makes you better than them at something, not a better person. ~Rodrigo Barbosa

We didn’t have to look far to find stories about humility either. In November LVI held the 5th annual World Wide Dance For Kindness. One of my fellow LVI ambassadors and good friend, Jeff Kuske helped organize and danced with a group this year. I think every group has their own special story and Jeff shared theirs with Orly recently.

Jeff works with men suffering from various forms of addiction, but his ability to see beyond the addiction, to see the person, paved the way for a little love, a little kindness, a little laughter, and a whole lotta dancing.

Jeff says, “DFK2016 allowed these men to participate in an event that was bigger than themselves. It gave them the opportunity to do something for others, all of them strangers.” 

A couple of months ago I never would have cared about something like this. Thank you for showing me that I can make a positive difference in the world.  – New Beginning participant DFK2016

Read the entire letter here.

I would describe humility as helping wherever, however and whenever I can, knowing that helping others is really helping myself. We all grow and bloom

What does humility mean to you?

Check out the full 9th edition of The Kindness Flash here for all the great sections including The Kind Connection, Everyday Kindness, and more.


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and the video that started it all way back in 2011 that now has over 25 million views


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Sunglasses in Sand from

Sunglasses in Sand from

We’re always looking for positive stories to showcase kindness, and all the good stuff that fills our world but sometimes we miss in the onslaught of busy-ness and bad news.

Sometimes, I forget that those stories don’t have to come from far off places or people I don’t know.

The other day my niece Mariah shared on Facebook an experience she had. It reminded me that not only do wonderful things happen right here every day, but that “kids now a days” and young adults are pretty awesome. As in most circumstances, you see what you look for. It’s a good reminder to look for what’s good, because you’ll find it.

Her story was brief, just one of those simple status updates people on FB tend to make. She was on her shift at a large grocery store. I’m pretty sure it was a fairly normal, uneventful shift. The normal greetings, scanning items, smiles and thank yous.  Maybe a grumpy customer here or there but nothing really out of the oridinary.

So tonight a family came through my till that was obviously on a very tight budget for their groceries. They were carefully watching their total as I rang everything through. When they hit their limit, the first thing to go were the little sunglasses their 2 sons wanted. When they started tearing up and the parents said they couldn’t afford them, I felt so terrible. I asked the parents permission, and then I bought them their sunglasses. The looks on those boys faces tonight were priceless.  – Mariah

It brought joy to my heart and a tear to my eye. It’s not that unusual, unfortunately, for people to have to make tough choices when they are shopping. One of the hardest things a parent ever has to do is say “no” to something like this because they simply can’t afford it. It happens every day.

It makes me feel so good when I hear about someone taking the time to help someone out, whether monetarily or otherwise. I know Mariah has her own financial obligations and it’s the selflessness of the story that made me smile.

I hope the boys remember the kind cashier who made it possible for them to go home with the sunglasses they had chosen. I also hope that when they have the opportunity they will create their own ripple of kindness.

Thanks Mariah for making a positive difference, and setting a great example for all of us to follow.

If you ever doubt what a bit of kindness can do…

If you feel inspired, don’t waste it… do something kind… right now… the opportunity is right in front of you.

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